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It is very Important that you read these T&Cs carefully, as you are agreeing to these conditions when you place your booking.


      Our Check-in/Arrival Time Policies

  1. Please keep in mind that we are a small Guest House and do not operate a 24 hour reception desk and therefore it is not possible for us to check guests in indefinitely outside of the hours mentioned below.
  2. Check in on the day of your arrival is from 13:00 to 19:00 (1pm to 7pm) unless otherwise agreed.
  3. It is very important that you let us know an "approximate" time that you will be arriving when you make your reservation.  Your expected check-in time will be specified in your Booking Confirmation.  Check-in outside of these specified times should be confirmed by us as soon as possible to ensure someone is at the B&B for you when you arrive.
  4. We are not usually able to check guests in outside of 13:00 to 19:00, particularly during our busy months, but can sometimes make exceptions to this: please check with us when booking.  We can be flexible and we are always happy to accommodate our guests as much as possible if we are able to, but it must be agreed when we take your booking.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: When you have checked in, you can of course come and go as you please afterwards, there are no restricitions or curfews.

      Deposits & Bookings

  1. When a deposit/payment is required, if it has not been received 5 working days from the date the booking was made, we cannot guarantee the room(s), and they may be re-allocated without prior notice.
  2. If you need to cancel, we would appreciate as much notice as possible, in order to re-let the room.  If the room is re-let we will refund any advance deposit (or in some cases full payment) you have made, less a small administration fee.  Therefore, if you need to cancel your booking, we recommend that you let us know as soon as possible - it really does benefit us both.
  3. No refunds will automatically be given if you need to cancel your booking after you have checked in.  The same terms apply: if we are able to let out the room(s) you have booked from the day after you leave, we will refund any payment less a small administration charge for any of the nights(s) we are able to re-let.  We will try our best, but it is in no way guaranteed.
  4. Rates quoted will be based on the number of guests, number of nights and dates shown on your booking confirmation.  Should any of this change, then the rates are subject to change.
  5. It is always a good idea to consider Travel Insurance.
  6. If you are making a change to your reservation, it is always best to CALL to let us know.  If you are e-mailing please be sure to get a confirmation from us that we have received your e-mail and that we agree to any changes.  We will always confirm receipt of your e-mail, even if just to say that it's been "received".  If you do not get this confirmation, it is highly likely that we have not received your e-mail!
  7. The full balance of your payment is required when you check in on the day of your arrival.   


  1. You must be able to enter into a legally binding contract and be over the age of 18 to make a booking.
  2. Due to security and fire safety regulations, only our registered guests who have checked in and have paid for their accommodation are permitted in the house at any time.   We may make exceptions to this, but it must be checked with the owners by special arrangement only.
  3. The house is normally closed to guests after breakfast, between 10am and 1pm every day (we do need to do housekeeping!), but if you have any special requests regarding this, please ask and we will try to be as flexible as possible.
  4. We expect you to take reasonable care of our property, and we reserve the right to charge you for any lost or damaged items, including any keys issued to you; or for any excessive housework.
  5. Our quiet hours are between 11pm and 7.30am.  We ask guests to be considerate of others and keep noise to a minimum during these hours.
  6. Any guest(s) found to be causing a general disturbance, including disturbing other guest(s), depending on how serious the disturbance is, will be given a warning. Failure to adhere to the warning will result in the guest(s) being asked to leave the premises. If it is a serious disturbance, no warning will be given and you will be asked to leave the premises immediately. No refunds will be given.
  7. In the very unlikely event that for some reason outside of our control we have to change or cancel your reservation, we reserve the right to do so.  If this does arise you can: i. Accept the changed arrangements as notified (if we have another room available); ii. Make an alternative arrangement with us that we both agree on; or iii. Cancel your reservation and receive a full refund of any monies paid.
  8. Our parking is off the road at the back of the house, meaning it is private and usually very safe.  We can not, however, accept any responsibility for damages to your vehicle.  This is at your own risk.
  9. The house is completely non smoking.  As of March 2006, it is against the law in Scotland to smoke inside public buildings.  We take this very seriously: smoking can easily cause physical damage to the property and presents a clear fire danger.  It also sets off smoke and fire alarms on the premises as well as contaminating the room with the smell of stale smoke for incoming guests.  Guests are welcome to smoke outside in the garden/yard area if they wish.
  10. Check out time on day of your departure is no later than 10am, to allow us to prepare the rooms for incoming guests.
  11. We have a no pet policy, to consider people with allergies. 

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